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Frequently Asked Area Rug Questions

Area Rugs by Ashley
You can dress up the windows, paint the walls and decorate with plenty of home decor accents—but don’t forget about the floor! Area rugs are the perfect, simple solution to defining your space and elevating your overall design.

Adding an area rug to your space is one of the most popular design moves there is for many reasons. An area rug can easily add a splash of bold color to your room (and conceal any impossible-to-clean stains you may want to hide). They also provide a cozy feel and break for your feet from tile or hardwood floors.

Whatever your reason is for rug shopping, you’ll love the selection you find at Ashley. With our wide range of colors, styles, textures and sizes, finding the perfect piece to transform your home couldn’t be any easier.

How Can I Use Area Rugs in Each Room of my Home?
Color and texture can make all the difference in a room. Area rugs aren’t just for living rooms, but look great in bedrooms, offices and entryways too. For example, a white shag textured area rug in the bedroom will add infinite amounts of cozy, warm comfort to your personal sanctuary. Just imagine waking up every morning and being greeted by ultra-plush comfort as you climb out of bed. In a home office, a large area rug with bright colors can help keep you motivated and energized for a productive workflow. And in the entryway, an area rug can help define the aesthetic of your home from the moment guests first step inside. Just don’t forget to add a rug pad for safety and you’re all set.

What Are the Different Area Rug Styles and Patterns Available?
No matter your personal style, there’s an area rug waiting for you. From modern and clean-lined to bold and eclectic, you’ll love the variety you can find at Ashley.

The most important thing to consider is the current state of your space’s color palette. For example, if you have light-colored walls and neutral furniture, you could choose virtually any area rug. You could go with a matching neutral toned rug, or with a brightly colored rug complete with a bold pattern, such as a chevron print. However, if your space is already full of color, consider matching your rug to the current color scheme and hold off on adding an additional pattern if your space is already brimming with prints and textures.

One last detail you’ll want to consider when choosing an area rug style to fit your space is the shape. The most common shapes are rectangular area rugs and circular rugs. Similarly to choosing colors that complement your current color palette, look at the furniture shapes in your space and keep a common theme throughout. For example, if you have round-surfaced end tables, a round dining room table and a round mirror all in close proximity to each other, your best bet may be a round area rug.

How Do I Choose the Right Sized Area Rug to Fit My Room?
Area rugs come in all kinds of sizes, so finding one that fits best in your space won’t be tricky at all. Area rug sizes can range from as small as 2’ X 3’ and to as large as 9’ X 12’.

Many design experts agree that an area rug in a living room should be able to touch all the main pieces of furniture in the space. A very common mistake is placing a small area rug under the coffee table, but going too small can visually downsize your space. To keep your space looking large and expansive, this means that a living room area rug should be able to touch the TV stand, sofa and end tables. In other spaces, like the entryway, bedroom or home office, this concept doesn’t necessarily apply and you can choose between small, medium or large area rugs.