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Bed and Mattress Sets by Ashley

Even the best beds and mattresses don’t last forever. If your once comfortable but now-sagging mattress is giving you back pain instead of a good night’s sleep, it’s time to upgrade. Luckily, you don’t have to look far because Ashley has a huge selection of bed and mattress sets in every size and style. Whether you’re looking for a twin mattress and box spring set to level up your guest room or a new king bed and mattress set to finally give yourself the luxury bedroom you’ve always wanted, we’ve got it at our stores.

The Best Bed and Mattress Sets

Who wants to take the time and effort to buy beds and mattresses separately? That’s why we specifically offer bedroom sets with a mattress – it makes the shopping experience so much easier on your end. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re buying the right size and style of mattress to fit your new frame. For example, some beds don’t require a traditional box spring, while others do. Buying everything in one package ensures you’re getting just what you need.

What are the differences between a mattress that uses a box spring and one that doesn’t? A mattress and box spring set is meant to go directly on the bed frame. The bed itself isn’t offering much height or support for the mattress – that’s all from the box spring. Non-box-spring beds – better known as platform beds – instead have a built-in platform that provides more stability for a standalone hybrid mattress. On the other hand, box springs are best used with traditional innerspring mattresses.

Beyond deciding what type of bed frame and mattress set is right for you – what other qualities should you look for in a bed set? Size is an important factor for many people. Generally, twin or full beds are good for children or spare rooms, as they’re smaller and don’t take up a ton of space. Most people prefer queen beds for their bedrooms, but if you have the space, a king-size bed and mattress are larger, especially if you share a bed with a partner. There are also California king beds, which are as wide as they are long for even more room.

Once you’ve chosen the type and size of bed, all that’s left is your personal preferences when it comes to style. Many people like rustic bed frames made of wood to complement their farmhouse or traditional decor. Others prefer more modern, simplistic beds made of metal that don’t have much ornamentation. Still, others prefer tufted or upholstered beds for the ultimate in comfort. Whatever type of bed with mattress you’re looking for, you’re sure to find the perfect furniture set at Ashley!