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Frequently Asked Home Accent Questions

Home Accents by Ashley
Whether you're tackling a small space or a grand room, home accents are the pieces that tie your home together. These unique details transform spaces from drab to fab in a pinch by adding pops of color and life to your canvas. Place a cozy throw on a sectional to warm up your living room, or consider a decorative bowl or tray. From functional yet stylish baskets to one-of-a-kind sculptures to accent tables, Ashley has whatever you need to bring your home’s unique style to life.

What Decorative Accent Options Should You Consider?
From patterned drapes to Mediterranean-inspired vases, accent decor come in many shapes and sizes. But there are several no-fail formulas that can help you maximize your home’s style without a ton of effort. Create stylish vignettes with decor like candles and pictures frames for your coffee tables. Or, make your home office pop with woven baskets that serve as storage. Even bring the outside in with natural wood terrariums that let you proudly display an herb garden in your kitchen. With a few unique pieces, you can easily shift the feel of your room and make it more polished.

Where To Place Decorative Accents in Your Home?
Sprucing up your home is all about clever placement. For example, you can emphasize your room's high ceilings with long drapes that add color and clean lines. Or, add extra life to your dining room table with table accents like a modern, sleek bowl to hold lemons and limes. A good rule of thumb is to take inspiration from your favorite spaces, like a restaurant or spa, and bring those design aesthetics to your home. If you want more help on how to incorporate accent furniture and decor into your space, check out this beginner’s guide.

What Are The Home Accents For Your Style?
Just like how your personal style is unique, your home also has its own style personality. If you love a traditional style replete with crown molding and tufted couches, glam up your space with accent vases, vintage-looking storage trunks or a beautiful candle stand. If you love rustic design, try incorporating natural wood. Coffee table decor like wooden bowls and wood picture frames make it easy to add these handmade elements to your room. If you love urban contemporary spaces, add textiles with bold graphics or abstract patterns. Whatever your style, just remember to choose home accents that speak to you.