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Frequently Asked Entryway Furniture Questions


Entryway Furniture by Ashley


The entryway is the first thing you and your guests see upon entering your home. This makes the entry area the perfect place to set the tone of your home. From tables to mirrors to entryway rugs to wall art , Ashley’s large selection of elegant entryway furniture will help you perfect and organize the vital space just inside your front door.


What Are Entryway Tables Called?


A table designed for an entryway is referred to as an entry table or entryway table . They are found just inside the main door or foyer, and are mainly used to corral keys, mail, and purses. These tables are the perfect combination of form and function, helping you both decorate your space and keep the foyer free of clutter.


How Do You Decorate an Entryway?


Needing to decorate your foyer and looking for entryway furniture ideas? Ashley has all the pieces you need to make your entryway pop with personality. Whether you’re looking for classic or modern entryway furniture, you want to style your entryway so that it reflects your personal tastes and is warm and welcoming to guests.


What Do You Need in an Entryway?


There’s so many beautiful entryway furniture pieces to choose from at Ashley. To help narrow your choices down, consider the size of your entryway, the look and feel you are going for, and your budget. A few of our bestselling entryway furniture pieces include: console tables, entryway rugs, entryway benches, entryway mirrors, and wall art. You can decorate your foyer all at once, or slowly add to your entryway furniture collection.