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Accent Furniture From Ashley

Accent furniture creates a living space that feels warm, welcoming and elegant. Ashley offers the very best accent furniture for every budget and style. From accent chairs to console tables to wall art, we make it easy to bring your living spaces to life with beautiful, high-quality accent furniture. Read on to learn the answers to some of the most commonaccent furniture questions.


What’s Accent Furniture?


Originating from the word, “accent,” which is defined as an emphasis or stress, accent furniture is any furniture piece that stands out in a space’s decor or style. For example, imagine a room consisting of all gray furniture, with one navy blue reading chair in the corner. That navy chair would be considered accent furniture. These smaller furniture pieces create a thoughtful, finished look by providing visual interest and balance in your space. Ashley carries a wide variety of accent furniture such as accent chairs, coffee tables, end tables, ottomans, benches, entryway accents, and more.


How Do You Choose an Accent for Furniture?


Accent furniture allows your personality to really shine, so have fun with it. This is the perfect place to mix up your space’s look by adding contrasting or unexpected elements. Accent furniture allows you to create an aesthetic that offers depth and dimension on par with professional designers. You can follow the 80/20 rule, which suggests using one primary style (80 percent of the room) and a secondary style (20 percent of the room). Or just go entirely eclectic and create your own rules.


How to Decorate an Accent Table on a Budget


At Ashley you can find accent furniture in a range of styles and finishes that complement your room. But how do you decorate it? You can spruce up accent tables with centerpieces that add color and vibrancy. Or add frames and sculptures to showcase different facets of your style. If you want to create more of a vignette in a hallway or against a wall then seek out accent chairs and place them next to a cabinet.


Should Accent Chairs Match Your Sofa?


Accent chairs don’t need to be an exact match to your sofa, but they should generally either flow with the colors and style present in your room or dramatically depart from them in an intentional way. If you have a neutral living room set, perhaps try an accent chair adorned in bright colors. Or maybe you have a brightly colored sofa and a neutral accent chair would complete the look. Remember, your space is your creative canvas so all bets are off.