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Frequently Asked Home Office Desks Questions

Home Office Desks by Ashley
Whether it’s a day or two a week or a permanent situation, working from home sure has its perks. There’s always enough coffee, everything is where you left it, and your boss can’t pop in to peer over your shoulder! Creating this ideal workspace starts with finding a home office desk with the right size, features, and look. This is where you’ll spend your 9 to 5, so it’s important to feel comfortable in your setup.

Where should a desk be placed in a home office?
There are many considerations when it comes to the placement of a home office desk, such as the room’s layout, the desk size, and the view. If your room features built-in shelving or nooks, this might be a natural place for a desk to go. But if it’s a larger-sized desk, it could be better suited for the center of the room as opposed to against a wall. Facing a window puts some in a happy mood, while others might find the scenery distracting. No matter where you place your desk, let it work perfectly for you.

What is the minimum size for an office desk?
Most home computer desks are between 48-72 inches wide with between 24-36 inches depth. To know which size you need, think about what your desk will need to accommodate, such as: computer, monitors, printer, mouse, keyboard, etc. If you’re using your desk for paying bills or writing on a laptop, a smaller desk will work just fine. Planning for the whole work-from-home setup? Having a wider desk is probably to your benefit and don’t forget a comfy office chair.

Should you have a desk in your bedroom?
Some might suggest having a desk in your room is less than ideal, but we think it’s a personal choice. If your room is free of distractions, quiet, and works for you as a workspace, then go for it! Be certain to consider the placement of your desk, especially if you plan on having two-way video calls with coworkers. One option could be to have your desk facing into the room, so your back is to a wall.

What makes a good office desk?
A good home desk is the one that has all the functions to meet your needs. If you prefer to switch it up between sitting and standing, a desk with a lift top offers versatility. For some people, a slide-out keyboard tray is an absolute must. Or maybe, your idea of a good desk is one that fits into a modern farmhouse aesthetic. Thankfully, Ashley has a large selection of styles to choose from!