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Frequently Asked Questions

Makeup Vanities by Ashley

A makeup vanity is just the thing to make you feel special for any occasion. Whether you’re getting ready for work or a date, you deserve the best. An Ashley bedroom vanity integrates a sense of elegance in your space without breaking the bank thanks to our wide selection of countertop materials and styles. Explore vanity lighting for additional ways to elevate your space and make dressing up something fun every single day.

How Far Above The Mirror Should a Vanity Light Be?

For your bedroom vanity, whatever its height, make sure your lighting is around 40 inches above your vanity top. This will ensure it’s not too harsh on your face or too far away to actually be useful. Choose from sconces or light bars for your bedroom or bathroom vanity and you’ll love how it illuminates your style.

What is the Height of a Makeup Vanity?

Since there are so many styles, an average modern makeup vanity varies anywhere between 30-36 inches high. Of course, if you’re taller, make sure you account for that when shopping for bedroom chairs or stools that go alongside your vanity. Keeping this in mind, you’re sure to have a perfect reflection of your fashion sense every time you go to sit down on your bedroom makeup vanity.

What Type of Makeup Vanity is Best for Me?

Your bathroom makeup vanity serves the purpose of storing makeup and get-ready essentials – but it’s all about the comfort and style. Shop for a cozy upholstered seat that puts you front and center in the mirror every time. If you’re looking for a simple way to add a master bedroom makeover and you have the space for it, a makeup vanity might be just the thing for upscale appeal. Choose from curvy frames, moulding and elegant finishes – you’re sure to find the one that strikes a chord in your heart.