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Frequently Asked Headboards Questions

Headboards by Ashley
The headboard was originally designed to function as a barrier between the wall and the end of the bed, providing comfort and temperature regulation on cold nights. The modern bed headboard serves primarily as an aesthetic piece, but it also has the practical purpose of keeping pillows from falling off the bed. Read on to learn more about Ashley’s headboard options such as a California king headboard, king headboard, queen headboard, full headboard, and twin headboard.

Do I Need a Headboard?
Despite being primarily for appearance, most people consider headboards to be an essential part of bedroom furniture. Whether you’re looking for an upholstered headboard, wooden headboard, metal headboard, leather headboard, or velvet headboard, Ashley has what you need to make your bedroom stylishly complete.

How Do You Attach a Headboard?
Whether you’re a white headboard, black headboard, or grey headboard type of person, you’ll need to attach your headboard to your bed frame. First grab essential tools like wrenches, washers, screws, and bolts. Then attach the headboard legs and tighten them. Finally, bolt the headboard to the wall using the included wall mounts. Or you can drill the headboard directly into the bed frame. Some more complex headboards such as a headboard with shelves or headboard with lights might have specific installation instructions, so be sure to always follow the instructions included with your purchase.

How Do You Keep a Headboard from Hitting the Wall?
Is your headboard banging against your bed? Keep this from happening by drilling felt protectors into the back of your headboard. This way if you find that general motion in bed creates some unwanted wall noise, now you have a way to fix it.