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Frequently Asked Wall Light and Sconces Questions

Wall Sconces by Ashley
Wall Sconces by Ashley Talk about chic and sleek. Seeing things on the bright side is easier than ever with the right wall lighting in place. What better way to dress up your walls than with candlelight, electric light, or simply an extra accent? Either way, modern wall lights save table surface space while also striking a stylish pose anywhere they’re placed.

Often functioning beautifully flanking a bed in lieu of table lamps, you’re sure to enjoy the added elegance and charm bedroom wall lights bring to your overall bedroom lighting. Not only do they leave an upscale impression, but form and function is masterfully managed on your wall. What a simple decor choice that can instantly elevate your area.

What Materials are Wall Sconces Made of?
Similar to other lighting fixtures, wall sconces and lights come in all styles, shapes, and sizes. Fanciful metal in goldtone and silvertone finishes, glass shades, and even mirrored glass adorn many sconce lights. Depending on your current decor scheme, you can use sconces as a way to blend into a modern styled space (silvertone metal is great for this), or they can stand out as a bold accent against neutrals (something edgy like a galvanized or dark metal)—the choice is up to you, of course.

Keep in mind added texture and finish work doubly well in pairs, as sometimes a single sconce, depending on placement, can look awkward and even a little bit lonely. Not all sconces have lights, but they don’t need to; they function perfectly as an element of a gallery wall, too!

Can I Use Wall Sconces in Every Room?
Of course you can! Rooms where you can use sconces with lights in a symmetrical way really let their beauty shine. Bedroom wall sconces and bathroom vanity lights in particular are a perfect match for adding lighting and style to spaces meant for relaxation (think sconces with shades or mirrored glass).

In the family of lighting, wall sconces are part of an entire symphony in your home, where they’re like woodwind instruments in an orchestra, integrating an airy, easy-breezy elegance meant to set you at ease. For living room lighting, place a pair of sconces on either side of a large canvas or mirror for extra attention and eye-catching allure. Hallways needing a little extra love, entryways, and even patios all welcome the love of an extra light or two.

Are There Indoor and Outdoor Wall Sconces?
Certainly; both indoor and outdoor wall sconces are available! Just make sure their materials are able to withstand the elements outdoors, if you do want to place them outside. This is to ensure the durability of your wall sconce, especially if it’s a light fixture or has a placeholder for a pillar candle.

At Ashley, we want to give you the freedom to express yourself in everything you buy for your home; there’s no limit to how you can decorate! For more ideas on decking out your place (indoor and out) with the very best in lighting, check out our blog on modern lighting design ideas!