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Frequently Asked Desk Lamp Questions

Desk Lamps by Ashley
Staying focused can be hard when you don’t have proper lighting. Working in a dark home office can strain your eyes and even make you sleepy. This is where Ashley jumps in and solves your home office worries. Why make work harder when it doesn’t need to be?

Home office desk lamps are the perfect solution for this problem. Additional task lighting can help you stay focused on important tasks in your life—whether it’s cramming for an exam or finishing up a report for work. And at Ashley, we want to help you accomplish everything on your to-do list with ease. That’s why we provide the best in variety, best in quality and best in value for our lighting solutions.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Desk Lamp?
Even if you have great vision now, it’s important to upkeep eye health by working in a space with plentiful light. Straining to read in the dark isn’t healthy for your eyes, so working with a task lamp that provides a direct stream of light for your work can benefit your vision health.

Another benefit of using desk lamps is increased productivity. It’s easy to nod off when working in a dimly lit room, or to work at a slower pace because of the calm, tranquil energy associated with dim rooms. By brightening up your space with task lighting, such as reading lamp for your home office desk, you can stay awake, alert and productive while working at home.

What Are the Different Styles Available to Match My Study Area?
Modern, classic, industrial and everything in between. You’ll be happy to know that desk lamps come in a wide variety of styles, making the task of picking out the perfect office desk lamp easy as can be.

If you have a large study area, just about any style lamp could work well with your design. Simply pay attention to your study area’s color palette and general style and you’ll find a great match with our wide selection.

If you live in a smaller space, such as a dorm or apartment, going for a sleek, modern lamp is a popular choice. The streamlined designs tend to take up less desk space, making your work area look and feel larger. The urban-industrial look is also very popular in smaller spaces because of its minimalist appeal.

What Are Some Great Uses for a Desk Lamp?
Desk lamps are the ideal choice for task lighting in a home office, study space or reading nook. When you are focused on a task, the natural light from a window or light from the ceiling fan may not be enough. This is because when you are working or studying at a desk, you may cast shadows over your work. For bright lighting that makes the work easy on your eyes, a small desk lamp is the best solution, and it sits well on work surfaces both small or large.

If your work space is particularly large, or you share a desk space with someone else, you may consider getting a matching desk lamp set to provide enough light for each person all while keeping the work area looking streamlined and cohesive.