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Frequently Asked Table Lamps Questions

Table Lamps by Ashley
Illuminate your life with a home accent that doubles as both a practical piece and a stylish decorative touch, all in one. Table lamps are the perfect way to spice up your existing decor, all while providing warm ambient lighting to set the mood. And how can you say “no” to a cozier, chicer atmosphere? Not to mention, brighter, well-lit spaces always tend to look larger, smarter and so much more visually appealing. With a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles at Ashley, finding the dream match isn’t just a dream—it’s reality. We’d say your future is definitely looking bright.

How Do You Choose the Right Number of Table Lamps?
The answer truly varies from room to room. For example, if you have a matching pair of end tables in your living room, or a duo of nightstands in your bedroom, then a matching lamp set will help you carry out the balance of symmetry in your space.

Sometimes in more modern spaces, it can be more stylish to mix and match. Consider decorating with 2 bedside table lamps, but choosing complementing lamps instead of an exact match. Or, in a contemporary living room, pair modern table lamps with a floor lamp of the same aesthetic. You can even try out one end table lamp paired with a floor lamp. A big factor in choosing the right amount is all about the room’s overall aesthetic.

Something else to consider when figuring out the correct amount of lamps for your space, is how much extra light you’ll actually need. If your living room is abundant with natural lighting, then it may be best to go with just one table lamp for decorative purposes. However, if you have a bedroom that’s pretty dark most of the day, then a pair of bedroom nightstand lamps will do the trick.

What Are the Different Styles of Table Lamps?
Table lamp design takes many forms. If you’re an aficionado for all things modern , look for table lamps that incorporate sharp lines in their design, or for lamps made of glass or other high-shine materials. For a more traditional look, consider lamps that have a base with scrolling detail work or classic turned wood details.

There’s a variety of table lamp options that mimic the interior design styles you know and love. Although the style is most primarily defined in the lamp’s base, there are different types of lamp shades that also dictate the style. There are round, cylindrical lamp shades, modified drum shades and rectangular shades. Sharp, rectangular shades tend to exude a fashion-forward, modern vibe, while round drum shades are softer and more contemporary.

What Are Some Great Uses for Table Lamps?
When you’re lacking natural light or the ceiling fan just doesn’t cut it, table lamps are a great supplementary lighting choice for any room. Relying on just one source of lighting won’t always provide you with the light your space needs, so adding in a table lamp or two is the perfect solution.

For example, end table lamps help brighten up your living area—which is super helpful for when you have lots of guests over. The additional lighting will help get rid of dark shadows looking around the room. Or, nightstand lamps for the bedroom are a great light source for reading in bed.