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Frequently Asked Lighting Questions

Floor Lamps by Ashley
Limited on surface space? Save space by enlisting a floor lamp to provide some much-needed illumination in the room. Available in all sizes, shapes, and shades, Ashley has that perfect blend of style and utility to fulfill your room’s lighting needs. Standing lamps are easy to assemble, and don' require drilling any holes into the wall or dealing with the fees of an electrician to install a new fixture.

Floor lamps are also a great complement if you already have a ceiling fan or chandelier installed, adding considerable ambient light to a space to make it look bigger and more stylish.

Whatever your needs are, a floor lamp takes the guesswork out of good lighting, plain and simple.

How Many Lamps Will Illuminate My Room?
Whether you’ve got a small apartment or a large, expansive home, one light will hardly suffice to cover an entire room (not without dark areas). Multiple lighting sources are recommended, especially for living room lighting where multiple people will often be residing in one space

Utilizing 2-3 lights from different parts of the room will expand your home, and will alleviate the doomed “dark spots” that can often reside in corners lacking illumination. Consider a combination of pendant lights, wall sconces, and table lamps along with your floor lamp to keep things bright and cheery. A well-lit home encourages a happier atmosphere, after all.

What Shade/Color Will Match My Room Best?
Factoring in the lamp base and the shade itself, floor lamps that are neutral toned will match almost any room’s current decor style for a chic finish. A softer, round lamp shade will blend into a space while harder, rectangular shapes will make a more striking statement.

For home office lighting, having direct light is imperative to avoid strained eyes or compromised concentration, so opt for a beige or neutral shade that doesn' distribute light too dimly. You also don' want a bright color that will come off as distracting or off-putting. For most floor lamps, trust that a simple, streamlined design is best to cover your room in sufficient lighting—without taking the entire style spotlight.

How Many Different Kinds of Floor Lamps Are There?
Between the different bases, shades, and number of bulbs, floor lamps come in designs aplenty. For focused task lighting, arc floor lamps, which are curved to hover over a chair or sectional, are an easy solve for bibliophiles wanting to consume their latest novel, while column floor lamps emit broad lighting that’s streamlined and oh-so contemporary.

Bases vary too, from tripod styles to rustic floor lamps that take things back to basics with distressed finishes and an earthy palette—all elements for evergreen rustic style that impresses with a “less is more” aesthetic.

There’s even kinds that extend to the side, or tilt to angle the light exactly where it’s needed.

What Rooms Work Best With Floor Lamps?
The beauty of floor lamps is they’ll work in virtually any room, provided there’s a spot of floor space available to accommodate them. Accompanied by a rug, your floor lamp will look positively dapper in an entryway, living room, or home office.

There’s no limit to what room you can place a floor lamp in due to their long, skinny design (which is nice and space-saving) and the added touch of style they’ll bring. Pairing two together not only warrants double the light, but double the design savviness you’ll have, as well.

With Ashley’s assortment, you’re sure to find an elegant floor lamp that fits in every room! We can' wait to see what you create.