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Frequently Asked Pendant Questions

Pendants by Ashley
The right pendant light can be an instant style upgrade for your home. Aside from practical illumination, pendant lighting can add a stunning designer touch to your home. Add a modern element to your kitchen with hanging pendant lights placed over the bar. Or change the atmosphere in your dining room with a well-placed, well-styled pendant light. Whether it’s pendant lighting for your kitchen island or dazzling entryway lighting, there’s a wide variety to choose from at Ashley. So no matter your style or purpose, we can guarantee that you’ll find the perfect lighting solution to brighten up your space with equal parts practicality and style.

How to Choose the Correct Light for a Kitchen Island?
You know how they say that a kitchen is the heart of the home? Well, a kitchen island is the heart of the kitchen, so why not dress it up with a pendant light? After all, it is the center of focus. Choosing the right pendant lighting for a kitchen island is easy. If you have a long kitchen bar or island, try hanging a similarly long and rectangular pendant light. It’s chic and easy, and having just one pendant ceiling light will help your space look clean-lined instead of cluttered. If you want to go with a single pendant light, or even a duo or trio of lights, you should match them to your kitchen color scheme.

What Style and Materials Matches Your Room?
Pendant ceiling lights come in all kinds of styles and materials, which can make the shopping process a little daunting at first. However, choosing the right one is actually pretty simple as long as you keep in mind a couple key elements. First, you will need to determine what the overall style of your space most closely matches and then pair that with a material that’s commonly used for that style. For example, if you have a kitchen brimming with farmhouse flair, you’ll want to consider pendant lighting with wooden details that pay homage to barnwood. Or, if your style is urban-industrial, choose a pendant light made with dark metals that resemble welded warehouse iron.

Where Should I Hang a Pendant Light in My House?
When it comes to pendant light, they are most traditionally known as being hanging kitchen lights set over an island,countertop bar or dining room table.However, there are so many other places to hang up pendant lights. If you have an entryway that’s on the modest side, an eye-catching pendant light may work better than a chandelier. For the bedroom, pendant lights that hang over each nightstand is a stylish space-saving option, as opposed to table lamps that use up precious surface space. Another creative spot to hang pendant lights is over your bathroom vanity. By installing hanging pendant lights, you can instantly make your bathroom feel like a high-end designer oasis.