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Frequently Asked Chandelier Questions

Chandeliers by Ashley
Fancy fanciful lighting? Then you’ll delight in Ashley’s wide array of chandeliers, all designed with stunning silhouettes and decorative whimsy built to last in your home. Whether you prefer the subtle charm of a shaded style, or crave the in-your-face romance of a beaded chandelier bedecked with candelabra-style bulbs, there’s surely one that suits your decor style—and your budget. Mastering the right lighting in every room not only suits day-to-day life better, but it also sets the mood for special occasions with ease.

Chandeliers are the perfect lighting complement to floor lamps as their dim, ambient glow offers a welcome alternative to harsh illumination. So what are you waiting for? Integrating dreamy, elegant lighting in your home is only a click away.

What’s the Right Size Chandelier for my Space?
You may have your heart set on a chandelier—and that’s fantastic! But keep in mind that the size and placement is important in your home. As a standard rule of thumb, chandeliers work best in rooms with at least 9 foot ceilings, with the bottom hanging no less than 7 feet off the floor. This allows for ample “headroom” in the area of choice.

In terms of diameter, knowing the placement first largely dictates what sized chandelier will work best. Compare the size of your table, bed, or coffee table, and make sure your lighting doesn’t overpower the furniture in the room. Otherwise, it may look disproportionate.

Our guide on selecting and positioning chandeliers and pendants should help you out with all the specifics when planning for a new lighting arrival.

What Style/Material Matches Your Room?
If you’re seeking rustic style, natural or dark wood finishes are perfect for encapsulating a homey vibe. For lovers of glam, opt for opulent, beaded crystals, as they make ritz and glitz effortless. Industrial enthusiasts, aim for exposed bulbs, open designs, and brushed metal for dining room or bedroom lighting that exudes urban appeal.

We believe there’s a chandelier out there for everyone—all you’ve got to do is find it!

Where Should I Put a Chandelier in my Home?
When it comes to the location of your hanging light, the sky (or in this case, the ceiling) is the limit—it all boils down to personal preference. You can’t go wrong with bedroom chandeliers overlooking your headboard in glittering glory, nor can you stray by hanging a light above each end table for living room lighting you’ll adore.

You can also explore options hanging a chandelier in an entryway, or lounge area that encourages fireside chats and the occasional cocktail with friends. Ultimately, wherever you feel added elegance, and a warm, inviting glow is needed, a chandelier will fit right in!