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Frequently Asked Rug Pad and Accessories Questions

Rug Pads & Accessories by Ashley
So you’ve found a few rugs to decorate your floors–spectacular! Now it’s time to make sure they don’t slip when people walk on them. Ashley has all the rug pads and grip pads you’ll need to ensure non-slippage, while also protecting your precious hardwood, tile, or carpet floors from any damage or scuffing underneath. Now that’s what we call a win-win situation!

Designed with latex, rug-loc, and polyester options, whether it’s bedroom rugs or one in the hallway, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing everything is secured on the floor. Thanks to rug pads, you can say goodbye to bunching rugs, unnecessary stumbling, or tripping over folded up corners of your favorite rug.

Will Rug Pads Fit all Size Rugs?
Yes! For every differently sized rug, there’s a non-slip rug pad that will accommodate your floors. These rug and grip pads are available in 3’x5’, 5’x8’ size rugs, 7’x6’, 8’x11’, and 9’x6’ sizes just to name a few. You’re also covered for a rug pad 8’x10’ and rug pad 9’x12’, since we know, much like rugs, rooms come in all shapes and sizes. Just in case it’s not a perfect match, though, all of our rug pads are easy to trim for the perfect, snug fit against carpets that’ll leave you worry-free.

Now that’s something we can sink our feet into.

Why Buy Rug Pads? What are Common Issues When One Isn’t Used?
Rug pads do far more than just prevent slips. In case you’re unaware, they can also add extra cushioning to thinner, synthetic rugs, and enhance soundproofing and insulation. For cushier rugs, these pads prevent pile crushing and reduce under furniture puckering. And, perhaps best of all (past not slipping), these pads extend the overall life and longevity of your area rugs.

Without a rug pad, you’ll run into common bunching, folding, and possible slips when walking around the house. It’ll never be quite where you want it, since there’s nothing to stop it from slipping around on the floor (especially hardwood or tile). Just make sure while you’re purchasing a rug that you add a pad to your cart as well, and you’ll be all set for comfort on your floors (your feet will surely thank you!).

What’s the Use in Each Room for Rug Pads?
Standard homes come with tile, wood, and carpet flooring, which all function differently with rugs. Although some slip more than others, taking precautions is key, especially if small children or elderly members of the home are around. Depending on the material, having the right rug pad is essential–especially for high traffic areas such as and living room rugs–to avoid accidents or falls.

This is universal across all rooms, even an outdoor patio. Not only is this a wise safety measure, but rug pads are also akin to making an investment in the life of your rug. For long-lasting comfort in the living room, dining room, and beyond, you’ll be happy you have the right rug pads to accommodate.