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Frequently Asked Summer Decor Questions

Ready to give your home a summer makeover? Ashley is here to help with our wide selection of summer decor. We've got you covered with everything from summer home accents to summer outdoor decor. Throw down a vibrant area rug to add a splash of color to your living room or patio, and place some decorative faux flowers and plants around to channel your green thumb.

What are Summer Colors for Home Decor?

Some of the most popular colors for summer decor include blue, green, beige, yellow, red, and white. Blue and beige are a common combination because they add a beachy vibe to your rooms. Blue, turquoise, or aqua shades mimic the color of the ocean, while beige or tans look just like the sand.

Of course, you can't go wrong with green, as it's the color of grass and other plants. You might choose leafy green ferns or pothos plants to take things literally. Or, you can try bright green summer throw pillows or tablecloths to help your guests feel like they're in a tropical oasis.

Yellow and red are also nice shades for summer because they represent all the various flowers that bloom during this time. By that logic, you can also go with other bright but natural shades like exotic orange or deep pink. Use these colors sparingly but wisely for a look that's unique without going over the top. For example, they might look best as wall decor or table centerpieces.

Finally, many people appreciate the crispness and freshness of white in the summer. White feels light and airy, which is super important on a hot, sticky day. Pair white lanterns or candleholders with a seafoam green tablecloth to help ease yourself into relaxation.

What are Summer Home Decor Ideas?

Now that you have a color scheme in mind for your summer decor ideas, you need to think about what to actually do. Start by thinking about your entryway, as it's the easiest to customize. Put up a flower wreath on your front door to welcome guests to your home, and also consider putting a couple of faux plants on either side of your door for an additional touch.

Once guests step inside, they'll need somewhere to wipe their shoes — that's where summer rugs can help. Choose ones with floral accents to make a bold statement, or go with something crafted from jute or other natural materials for a more rustic vibe.

Consider swapping out your typical throw pillows with brighter, more tropical ones for a few final touches throughout your home. Also, think about hanging LED string lighting around your dining table or patio — this adds a fun ambiance and lets you keep partying late into the summer nights.