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Frequently Asked Poufs Questions

Poufs by Ashley
What was once a trend and is now a decorating staple, poufs are versatile pieces that everyone can experiment with in their home. This workhorse piece has a variety of uses from extra seating to simply serving as a decor accent. Ashley is a trusted name for home furnishings but we also have a variety of home accents like throw pillows and wall art that make spaces more individual and personal. Find your perfect pouf through our range of special prints and patterns.

Purposes of the Pouf?
A pouf is the Swiss army knife of furniture. Living room poufs can act as a footrest, a functional table, extra seating or just decor. With chic prints and patterns, these pieces are not only beautiful but extremely practical and convenient to have in a modern home.

Using a Pouf as a Functional Table?
Depending on the style of pouf ottoman, you can easily use it as a fun accent table or stand to hold essential items. You can fold blankets and throws on top to stash away items that are not in use. Or, place flat-bottomed bowls and trays for a surprising and unexpected look. Check out this blog to learn more about how to decorate your home with poufs.

Different Style Poufs?
From a woven pouf to round poufs, these pieces come in many shapes and sizes. Many poufs are made with one textured fabric that wraps around all sides of the piece, which is generally a cube-like shape. Others have woolier or shag fabrics and have a more prism-like shape. Rounded, columnar poufs in natural, woven materials are also becoming increasingly popular as interest in more natural textiles has skyrocketed.