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Frequently Asked Throw Pillows Questions

Throw Pillows by Ashley
What’s the simplest way to make a house feel like a home? Throw pillows and cushions. These patterned and colorful accents can transform a space from drab to fab within seconds, bringing life and warmth into a space. Ashley knows it’s the little touches that make a big impact. That’s why we have an impressive assortment of home decor and textiles, including throw blankets and pillows in every style, shape and pattern that you could ever want!

Help: How Many Throw Pillows on a Sofa?
Depending on the look that you’re going for, the maximum number of throw pillows on a sofa is five. Modern placements have two pillows at each arm of the sofa and an oblong cushion placed at the center. This creates a playful symmetry and leaves plenty of opportunities to be experimental with colors and prints. A more traditional look is perfectly symmetrical and ordered, with either one or two pillows arranged at each side of the couch. If you want something more eclectic and unexpected, place three or five pillows on your sofa and arrange them in such a way that they look effortless and asymmetrical. If having five couch throw pillows is not your thing, one cushion can easily spice up your space. Or, if five is simply too little, you can run wild with the number of pillows as long as you follow the basic techniques for creating symmetry and asymmetry. Learn how to become a throw pillow guru with this how-to.

Best Fabric for Your Home?
Depending on your lifestyle there are a number of textiles and fabrics that you can choose for your home. Do you have pets or kids? If so, you have to make sure your throw pillows are washable or can be spot-cleaned. Doing so ensures that you’re never stuck in a sticky or messy situation, and your money is well spent. If you are vegan or environmentally-conscious, search for cushions made with natural fibers like cotton, linen, ramie or hemp. Do you want something classic and a little rare? Leather, silk and wool throw pillows are unexpected materials that add a traditional flair. Nowadays if you need a specific material or fabric for your home or lifestyle, throw pillow patterns come in such a wide variety that you can always find one that meets your needs.

Throw Pillow Sizes for Your Room?
There are several pillow sizes that you can incorporate into any and every room. Standard square pillow sizes are 18x18 inches and can be found just about anywhere. Place a few on your sofa for that neat and ordered look. An oversized pillow can range between 20 to 25 inches. These pieces can be extremely helpful when you want to create contrast from other accents like the color of your sofa or juxtapose the design of a pouf with your pillow. Lumbar throw pillows generally come in 16x20, a size that fits most body types. Whether you need throw pillows for bed or for your couch, you should experiment with a variety of shapes and sizes to create a look that’s unique to you.