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Frequently Asked Curtain Rod & Hardware Questions


Curtain Rods & Hardware by Ashley HomeStore

Curtain rods might seem like straightforward support structures for your window curtains, but they also provide stylish detail to a room. You might be initially surprised by the amount of curtain rod options available, but don’t get overwhelmed! Ashley HomeStore carries curtain rods with included curtain rod hardware like curtain rod brackets for easy installation.


How Do You Choose Curtain Rods & Hardware?

Whether you’re moving into a new home or just looking to change up the look of your windows, our many curtain rods and curtain hardware options will provide your home with flair and function. Ensure you nab the correct curtain rods by measuring the width of your window then adding eight to twelve inches. Single curtain rods like single wooden curtain rods are one of the most popular configurations due to their ease of use. They feature one bar that rests atop your window frame, which is then threaded through curtain rings, pockets, or grommets to stay in place. A double curtain rod allows you to hang two separate sets of curtains  and consists of two rods sharing the same brackets. These are a great option if you’d like to hang both sheer curtains and regular curtains on the same window. Tension curtain rods are built with an inside spring that you compress to fit between two walls or inside a recessed window frame. There are even curved curtain rods for turret-style windows!


How Do You Hang Curtain Rods?

So you’ve measured your windows and purchased your drapery and curtain rods. Next step: hang everything up! Pencil in drill hole marks for your curtain rod brackets at the desired height, plus approximately 4-6 inches from the side of the window frame. This will ensure that you can completely open your curtains. Follow the installation instructions to mount your curtain rod, then remove the curtain rod finials from the curtain rod and thread the curtain onto the rod. You may need to place the rod into the mounting bracket before replacing the finial, depending on the type of bracket you have. Your bracket may also have set screws to keep the rod in place. If so, make sure to tighten them after the rod is installed.


How Do You Choose Curtain Hardware and Curtain Accessories?

Now that your curtain rod is installed, customize your look with decorative details like curtain holdbacks, curtain rings with clips, and curtain rod finials. Curtain tiebacks are a practical and pretty addition to your curtain aesthetic. Tiebacks tie your curtains open at varying places, and are available in materials like robes and tassels, with ornate flourishes like beads or crystals. Choose the rods and finials that complement your curtains. If you have metal accents in the room you might like metal curtain rod finials. Or maybe your room has a bohemian vibe and you’d like a robe tieback with beads. Whatever your style, Ashley HomeStore curtain accessories and hardware are a fun finishing touch to your room’s unique look!