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Frequently Asked Wall Decor Questions

Wall Decor by Ashley
Ever pass by a space on your wall that just needs... something? Wall decor, whether it’s a mirror, wall art or a sign, can transform a room by tying all the details together into one cohesive space. Your home’s walls are literal canvases that can tell the story of your life, your personality and your style. With art, photos and decor from Ashley, your walls never have to look forgotten and overlooked.

Where to Hang Wall Decor?
Even though it takes a lot of trial and error, there are a few rules of thumb on where to hang wall decor. Oftentimes you’ll find wall art and decor above a sofa, on the mantle of a fireplace, in the dining room, along a staircase and above the bed. These placements are trusted, often creating the perfect, balanced compositions for wall decor. But that doesn’t mean you have to stick to these rules! In some homes, you’ll find kitchen wall decor that ranges from photos to wall mirrors. In others, you’ll find interesting, light-hearted paintings or art in powder rooms. Simply look at the walls in every room as an opportunity to show off a part of your personality. If you’re still not sure how to arrange or place wall decor, we've got a blog that’s just for you.

Best Wall Decor for Your Space?
Deciding what wall decor should go into your space is dependent on factors like the size of your furniture, how much wall space you have, window placement, and so much more. If your room is on the smaller side consider hanging up one small piece of art or a cluster of two mirrors side by side. If you have a larger space, you have the opportunity to really experiment with size and scale. For example, living room wall decor can get away with being larger and arranged such that the pieces become a focal point of the room. However, in large rooms, you can switch things up by creating a gallery wall that mixes and matches pieces that could range from wall clocks to signage.

What are Wall Decor Sizes?
There are a few standard wall decor sizes that you can find just about anywhere. Small decor is anything between over a foot to two feet long. These pieces are best hung as pairs or in asymmetrical clusters. Anything between two to three feet long would be considered medium-sized wall decor. Whether it’s a wall mirror or a piece of art, these pieces are best suited as a stand-alone accent or can be used to ground a gallery wall or grouping. Large pieces are between 33 to 40 inches long, and are generally mounted alone to create that classic, museum-style look. Anything over 40 inches long would be considered oversized, requiring a large, grand room to house the piece.