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Frequently Asked Indoor Planter Questions

Indoor Planters by Ashley
If you're a plant parent, you need to do everything you can to keep your little green children happy and healthy. One way to do that is with indoor planters. These give your houseplants room to stretch their roots and grow. They are also a great way to spruce up any room. Large indoor plant pots can easily become the centerpiece of a space, especially if you get them in colors that match or contrast your existing home decor. Or, use an indoor window planter to make your ordinary windowsills suddenly become vibrant.

How Should I Display Indoor Plants?
There are plenty of ways to display indoor plants. It all depends on how much room you have to play with. One popular way to showcase plants is with wall plant holders. These are easy to install — just screw them into the wall like a picture frame — and they'll securely hold all of your favorite succulents, pothos, and more. This option doesn't take up any floor space, making it a good pick for smaller rooms. A similar option is a plant shelf indoor holder, which will let you fit a couple of smaller plants at once.

If you've got a little more room to work with, a tall plant stand indoor pot will be a more stunning option. These oversized containers are great for holding plants that grow oversized, like snake plants and tropical ferns.

Once you find the perfect indoor plant holders, displaying your plants is easy. Many people like to have them all in one place to create a green oasis, while others prefer to spread them throughout the house, so every room has a slightly green touch. Place them at varying heights to further increase the feeling of nature or keep them all level for a more symmetrical display.

What Types of Planters Are Good for Indoors?
Any planter with a good drainage system will be suitable for indoor use. You just want to make sure that water and dirt don't leak onto your floor. Most indoor planter box containers accommodate this by not having drainage holes or by coming with a drainage tray. Many people also like to use an indoor window sill planter that attaches directly to their window frame. These are good for indoors because they help plants get all the light they need with close proximity to the window.

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