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Frequently Asked Decorative Objects Questions

Decorative Objects by Ashley
Some would say that form is useless without function, but nothing quite brings joy like decorative objects that are meant to look beautiful and reflect a part of your personality and memories. From end and side tables to empty walls to shelves, decorations can be put just about anywhere in your home. Whether you fancy something large, something seasonal or something small and special, Ashley is your one-stop-shop for all your decorative object needs.

Where are the Best Places to Add Decorative Objects in the Home?
If you love an object you should show it off! The best places to showcase decorative objects are in plain sight, unobstructed by large furniture or other objects. For example, adding table centerpiece decor to your dining room is an ideal way to highlight beautiful objects, create a design moment and complement your room and furniture's beauty. If you love plants, enhance and brighten up your space with faux greenery on side tables and coffee tables. Or, try placing statuaries and other small sculptures around your room for little pops of personality. Learn how to spice up your space with decorating ideas from Ashley.

Should You Add Decorative Objects to the Floor or a Table?
First things first — do you want to add a decorative object to your room? If so, then it’s all about placement. Depending on the decorative object and its size, you can easily decide whether it belongs on the floor or on the table. A figurine, a small ceramic vase, or glass object need to be placed on tables and other elevated flat surfaces. Since these delicate works can shatter and break easily, it’s best to keep them off the ground unless the item is a decorative metal doorstopper or some sort of functional object. If you’re eyeing a large sculpture, consider the material and its purpose. If the sculpture has a small stand with very little height, then its home is on a table. Tall, hefty sculptures are designed to be used on the floor and are made to cause few impediments to flow.

What are Different Decor Sizes?
Decorative objects for home come in many shapes and sizes. Some pieces are small like decorative ball sets that beautify bowls for coffee tables. While others are large and become a fixture all on their own. Savvy decorators incorporate different sizes of decor into their spaces to create harmonious and balanced designs. Try your hand at this technique with a variety of items and decorative objects from Ashley.