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Frequently Asked Sculptures Questions

Sculptures by Ashley
Sometimes, the one thing that can change the vibe of your home is something beautiful. There’s no need for a functional purpose, an object’s allure is all that matters. Sculptures for home decor do this by adding interest and an attractive element that make guests wonder and ask, “where did you get this?” From a shark sculpture to globes to gyroscopes, Ashley has a variety of sculptures that add unique details to your home that you can’t get elsewhere!

Where are the Best Places to Add Sculptures in the Home?
Sculptures can be placed in all corners of your home. Some sculptures are weatherproof and are intentionally made to beautify your patio space. Others are small enough to be put on bookcases to add a decorative flourish to shelves. Hanging sculptures can grace walls in your hallways and living rooms to add style. However, most decorative sculptures are made with a stand and are best suited for tables like buffets, side tables and coffee tables. If you need more design inspiration, check out this blog.

Should You Add Sculptures to the Floor or a Table?
The keys to finding out whether a sculpture is right for your floor or for your table are size and space. Do you have enough floor space that an object can obstruct it? Is your floor sculpture large enough to hold its own and not get knocked down? Is the sculpture small enough to not cause a hazard on your floor space? If you have enough space and the size is just-right, adding a sculpture to that area is totally fine! However, if you have kids or pets adding a table sculpture can be very tricky. The sculpture needs to have a hefty weight to it so it doesn’t fall easily. It also shouldn’t have any fine points and sharp edges, should your pets or child run around near the sculpture. Regardless of whether or not you have kids or pets, a great way to incorporate these pieces is through a desk sculpture. Desks are high enough so that small children can’t reach them and pets can't easily knock the sculptures down.

What Are The Sculpture Sizes For Your Room?
Home accents have to reflect the size of your room. It’s not a hard rule but if you have a large decorative piece in the middle of a cramped area it has the opposite effect, becoming an eyesore rather than a clever, intentional accent. If you have a grand room with high ceilings and plenty of space, large sculptures can be the perfect focal point to take up some of your room’s real estate. This technique will add a sophisticated design element without crowding the room or taking up precious floor or table space. If your room is smaller, opt for smaller sculptures that can be placed on a coffee table, a sideboard, or on a shelf — places where you would keep a set of decorative canisters and jars. When decorating it’s all about balance, so move pieces around onto different surfaces to create your ideal environment.