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Frequently Asked Picture Frame Questions

Picture Frames by Ashley
Whether you’re a renter or have a mortgage, decorating your home with photos of your friends and loved ones is one of the best ways to make a space feel warm and personal. With a range of picture frames that run the gamut from mirrored picture frames to marble desk sets and rustic driftwood to mercury glass, Ashley has whatever you need to make your house into a home that reflects all the friends, family and fur babies in your life.

Picture Frames for Each Type of Photo or Artwork?
There are two major kinds of picture frames, standing frames and wall frames. For most photos you can use either type of picture frame — it’s even better if you have a variety of photo frame styles in your home. Place freestanding frames on desks, accent tables, nightstands and side tables, while wall frames can be added to your hallways and living room walls. Artwork, however, is generally hung on wall frames since pieces need a large space to get the full effect. If you’re still unsure whether a standing or wall frame is right for you, picture frame sets enable you to easily experiment with accessories and different styles.

What are the Different Picture Frame Sizes and Shapes?
These days, you can print photos and posters in a variety of sizes and shapes. As these media have evolved so have our picture frame sizes. But the three most common sizes are still tried and true and can be found just about everywhere. 4x6 rectangular frames hold most photos and are arguably the most common frame size. If you need frames for desks or a coffee table, look no further than these trusted accents. For medium sized photos or art, 5x7 frames are your best bet. These rectangular frames add height and variety to coffee table arrangements, like decorative coffee table trays, and are versatile pieces that can be used over and over. Large photos and prints are generally hung or placed in an 8x10 frame. This type of frame enables you to fully showcase your piece and is perfect for all your home decor needs since they often include matting and a hook for hanging. If you have square prints the most common frame sizes are 4x4 and 5x5.

Where are the Best Places to Hang Pictures in the Home?
While you can hang your pictures anywhere your heart desires, there are a few trusted areas in homes that make for the ideal picture-hanging locations. Most people overlook hallways when they decorate. But an easy way to spruce up these forgotten corners are by hanging up photos and art; this adds interest and creates a highlight reel of important moments in your life as you travel down the hallway. Similarly, stairways are also the perfect place to hang pictures since you get glimpses of the pieces as you go up and down the stairs. Other areas that scream for a hung photo are focal points like the walls above your couch or on the wall at the foot of your dining room table. Simply look at your home with fresh eyes for empty walls that have enough breathing room for a frame, and that should do the trick! Check out this blog from Ashley for “Tips for Hanging Pictures & Mirrors Like a Pro.”