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TV Stands by Ashley
Much like entertainment centers, TV stands provide sturdy support for TVs and other electronics while hiding the wires and cords that could clutter your decor. Whether farmhouse TV stands, mid-century modern TV stands, or other designs, these furnishings include display and storage space, including open and closed-door compartments, drawers, and adjustable shelving. A stylish TV stand can make your entertaining space a cozy place to relax and recharge.

TV Stands with Added Features
Modern TV stands have additional design features that can take your entertaining space to the next level. Floating TV stands, for instance, are TV stands with mounts or support structures that hold the TV, cords, and components in such a way that the TV appears mounted to the wall.

Electric fireplace TV stands contain infrared fireplace inserts that won't damage your electronics but add a warm glow with faux firebrick. Turn up the infrared heat as much as you like with a multi-level temperature setting, brightness levels, and multi-flame features.

How to Choose a TV Stand
Shopping for television stands can confuse people because manufacturers measure TV stands or consoles horizontally, but they measure a TV differently. Experts say the size of a TV is actually a diagonal measurement across the TV screen.

A 60-inch TV stand will hold a 70-inch TV comfortably, even though those measurements might look odd on paper. A 70-inch TV stand will give a 70-inch TV more breathing room on either side.

While you can get away with having a TV stand that's a little smaller than your TV, designers recommend choosing a wider console to support the device properly and give your room visual balance.

The size of a TV stand also depends on its location, which hinges on the TV's recommended viewing distance. This depends on the TV's resolution, especially for a flat-screen TV, as well as the TV's size. As a general rule, place your seating area at least twice as far from the TV as the size of the screen-for example, at least 140 inches away from a 70-inch TV.