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Frequently Asked Bathroom Mirror Questions

Bathroom Mirrors by Ashley

From the latest styles of living room accent tables to bathroom mirrors, Ashley combines the latest trends with technology to give you the very best for your home. With unmatched prices and quality, we're your one-stop destination for furniture, home accents and more!

What Style Mirror will Match my Bathroom?

The bathroom mirror is the most important piece of furniture in your bathroom, so why settle for boring when you can make a splash? The most important key to choosing the perfect mirror is by making sure that your framed bathroom mirrors match the color of your bathroom storage and other furniture. But you can always go out-of-the-box by choosing a mirror that has a unique shape, an interesting frame or a pop of color.

Which Bathroom Mirror Shape is Best?

There are so many different types of mirrors and bathroom styles. The bathroom shouldn't be a neglected space. Since it's often an overlooked room, you can be very playful. If you have a vanity sink, go for polygon-shaped bathroom vanity mirrors because they will match the geometry of the sink. Slim oval or rectangular mirrors are great for pedestal sinks because it will match the minimalistic and slender theme. The general rule of thumb is to base the shape of the mirror on the style of sink. If you follow that rule, you'll never have to worry.

How to Size a Bathroom Mirror:

When sizing bathroom mirrors, you have to measure. The length of your mirrors should be 2-4 inches shorter than the length of your bathroom vanities, giving your sink areas a very centered look. The height of your mirror can be grand as long as it's 4-6 inches shorter than your ceiling. If you already have vanity lighting hung up on your wall and are looking to replace your current mirror, just measure the width of your mirror to get a guideline - this ensures that you won't buy a mirror that hits or competes with the sconces or over-mirror lights in your current space.

For more helpful tips, read our guide on how to build a bathroom that is perfect for you!