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Bathroom Shelves by Ashley

When in need of a place to put essentials, bathroom shelves are an excellent all-around solution. Shelves take a minimalistic approach when it comes to storage and help open up the space visually. Got a guest bath? Use a wooden shelf to stack a few elegantly rolled-up towels for a truly welcoming experience.

Where should bathroom shelves be placed? The placement of bathroom shelves depends, in part, on the size and layout of your bathroom. Shelves can be placed anywhere there’s free wall or floor space, like over the toilet, under a window, or in a corner. Working with a tight space? Slim rolling carts don’t need a lot of room to hold a lot of storage.

How deep should bathroom shelves be?

Bathroom storage shelves come in a variety of depths, ranging from large, to mid-sized shelving, ensuring they can accommodate varied spaces. Shelves designed to hold toiletries might be only four inches deep, while a floor console could be about 14 inches deep. Measure the spots you’re wanting to place a shelf to find out how much depth you may need.