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Bathroom Cabinets by Ashley

As home to linens, toiletries, toilet paper, and maybe even bath time toys, bathrooms can get cluttered quickly. Let Ashley help contain this chaos behind the closed doors of bathroom cabinets. When everything has its place, your bathroom will start to feel like a dream retreat once again.

What material is best for bathroom cabinets? With all the humidity of water and steam, bathrooms are no place for just any kind of material. Bathroom cabinets need to stand up to the conditions, which is why they're usually made with resistant wood or treated metal. In case of splashes or spills, look for cabinets that are easy to wipe down.

How deep should bathroom cabinets be?

A bathroom storage cabinet should be deep enough for storage, but not so deep that it protrudes too far into the room. Allow for plenty of room to open and close the doors, and be cognizant of electrical outlets or other fixtures a cabinet might impede.