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Frequently Asked Bathroom Questions

Bathroom Furniture and Decor by Ashley
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What are the Best Colors for a Master Bathroom?
The Master bathroom is a relaxing oasis that should calm the mind and soothe the body. The best bathroom colors are neutrals, light greens, beiges and light blues. However, these colors are just guidelines. You can pick a color scheme that features all your favorite hues as long as they create a beautiful harmony that you enjoy.

What Materials are Best for Bathroom Furniture?
Since the bathroom is a humid environment, you have to ensure that your bathroom furniture materials can withstand moisture. Bathroom storage, furniture and wall decor made from metal, wicker, and hardy woods are ideal for these environments since water does little damage to the structural integrity of these materials. Iron and steel are treated so they do not rust, providing superior durability over flimsy materials. Woods like teak, bamboo and rattan add a natural element to storage cabinets and bathroom mirrors without fear of rot, since these hardy woods are resistant to moisture.

Where to Put a Makeup Vanity
If you have a large bathroom, place a makeup vanity next to an empty wall away from foot traffic. Placing these chic pieces in the bathroom cuts down on your morning and nighttime routines since all your essential grooming items are all in one place. If you have a small or average-sized bathroom, measure your space and choose small bathroom decor and vanities that are sized appropriately.