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Frequently Asked Coffee Tables Questions

Coffee Tables by Ashley
With a wide variety of styles and materials, coffee tables from Ashley are a great option if you need durability and versatility. Whatever your needs, we have something just-right for you. Trust Ashley to bring your space to life.

How Tall Should a Coffee Table Be?
The height of your coffee table is very important to its usability. You don’t want one that’s too short, making it hard to reach from your sofa. Nor do you want one that’s too high, which could result in stubbed toes or hurt shins. Generally the rule is that your coffee table should be the same height as your couch’s seat (give or take one to two inches, but not any lower). The standard coffee table height is between 16-18 inches and can generally accommodate most couches. However, always make sure to measure before buying a new coffee table.

What Can Go on a Coffee Table?
Your living room coffee table can be the highlight of your space. From accents to sculptures to decorative trays to flower vases, these essential pieces can hold just about anything. If you want to create a little vignette, place photo albums and your favorite baubles like crystals, terrariums and decorative balls. If you’re more into traditional design, you can incorporate coffee table books that feature beautiful imagery or photography. If you’re still wondering what to put on a coffee table, think of it as a blank canvas that shows off a bit of your personality. When designing this area, you want guests to be able to learn something about you right off the bat – so fill it with your favorite decorative items and coffee table accessories.

How Far Should a Coffee Table Be From the Couch?
A living room center table should be about 18 inches away from the edge of the sofa. This distance gives you plenty of room to move between the coffee table and the sofa while keeping items on the table within reach. However, if your space is more dramatic, and has a very open and airy feel, then you can move your coffee table further out into the center of your space. Check out our Coffee Table Dimensions Guide for more helpful tips.