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Frequently Asked Closet Shelving Questions

What is a Closet with Shelves Called?
Any closet can have a shelf! That said, there are a few types of closets that more commonly have shelves. For example, walk-in closets usually have closet shelving that you can use to stack T-shirts or shorts. Linen closets may also have shelves to hold towels, blankets, and sheets. You might even have an armoire — a freestanding cabinet with wood closet shelving — for keeping your clothes organized and tidy. Don't feel limited by naming conventions, though. You can use any of our closet shelving ideas to turn any plain old closet into an organizational masterpiece.

How Do I Add an Extra Shelf to My Closet?
There are many ways to add an extra shelf to your closet. You can use corner closet shelves if you don't want to take up too much space, as these nestle against the back of two walls. Generally, these are easy to install, as the shelves will use support from both walls to stay upright.

Hanging closet shelves are another cool idea. These are the perfect DIY option if you're afraid of dealing with tools. They slip right over your existing closet rod like a clothes hanger and help you keep accessories like scarves and hats organized. Another option for upgrading your closet storage is wire closet shelving or metal closet shelving. These are often independent units that don't require you to attach them to the wall. Just assemble and find the perfect spot.

How Deep Should Closet Shelves Be?
The depth of your closet shelves all depends on what you're using them for and how big your space is. For closets less than 26 inches deep, you'll probably want closet storage shelves that are 12 inches deep. However, if you have bigger closets that are more than 28 inches deep, go with 16-inch closet shelving systems. Generally, both of these depths are great for storing folded clothes without having them hang over the edge or need to be bunched up.

Once you've got the depth down, what about the rest of the spacing? If you're a shoe addict and need more space for your sneakers and pumps, your shelves should be spaced around 6 to 7 inches apart. But, if you mostly plan on having clothes on your shelves, go with shelves that are approximately 12 inches apart, so you have plenty of room for stacking. Luckily, adjustable closet shelving makes this part easy if you find you've put your shelves too close or too far apart.