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Frequently Asked Hanging Organizer & Hook Questions

Hanging Organizers & Hooks by Ashley

Whatever you need it for, hanging closet organizers and hooks work wonders. Got more shoes than you know what to do with? Try a pocket shoe organizer that goes right over the door. What about belts or towels? A five-hook rack gives you somewhere to hang them. Even better—no drilling or hardware necessary!

How deep should a hanging closet be?

Generally speaking, a clothes closet should be at least 24 inches deep. This ensures standard hangers don’t hit the back of the wall, which might cause some unsightly scuffing and would prevent clothes from hanging straight. Always measure your closet space before ordering any clothing hangers  or hanging closet organizers.

How do you maximize a closet hanging space?

Use every available inch! That includes the space on your closet door. Use over-the-door closet hooks to hang robes, scarves, bags, or anything else you need might need quick access to. Closet organizer hooks can also be placed on a bedroom or bathroom door to truly maximize your storage.