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Frequently Asked Shoe Racks & Storage Questions

Shoe Racks by Ashley

We all love our shoes. The average man has 12 pairs of shoes, and the average woman owns 27 pairs! Keeping all of them organized with shoe racks is an important step in keeping a tidy and clutter-free space.

How to organize shoes?

Shoe racks are the best option for keeping shoes out of the way—or on display! First, count your shoes to know how many pairs you own. Then find something that works with your aesthetic style. Wooden shoe racks are durable and look calm and clean. For something sleeker, metal shoe racks fit the bill and also look great in entryways .

How can I organize my shoes?

How you place your shoes onto the shoe racks makes a huge difference. For 15 pair shoe racks, use each shelf for different styles like heels, flats, and casual shoes. Or you could try sorting your shoes by color. Using wire shoe racks, line up your shoes with a different color on each shelf for a gorgeous rainbow effect.

How do you organize shoes in a small space?

It might feel like you are tripping over your shoes all the time with small-space living, but it's easy to get creative! Tuck 5 pair shoe racks or 10 pair shoe racks where you have a little extra space. Now you can enjoy several smaller ones set up around the apartment instead of one big shoe rack.