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Frequently Asked Closet Storage & Organization Questions

Closet Storage & Organization by Ashley

Imagine looking into your closet and instead of seeing a mountain of clothes piled in the corner, you see rows of neatly organized perfection. This fantasy scenario could soon be your reality! With a little time and the right closet storage organizers, your closet will be Insta-worthy in no time.

How to organize a closet?

The first step in closet organization is to clear everything out—from top to bottom! This will give you a blank slate to work with. As you do this, make a pile for any stuff you want to donate to charity. Then it’s time to install your new closet organizers. These could include shoe racks , hanging storage, or shelves. Load your clothes back in, saving the space at eye level for the stuff you wear most often.

How do you organize a closet in a small space?

Using closet organizers is the most beneficial way of organizing a small space. To make organization simpler, these systems typically come with hanging room and shelves. Rotate clothes every season to avoid an overflowing wardrobe from taking up precious shelf space. The "one in, one out" approach is another rule of thumb—if you bring something new into your closet, something old has to go.

How do I maximize a small closet?

There are plenty of ways to maximize a small closet. The first is to “expand” your closet by using clothing racks and portable closets . These could be placed anywhere in your room or home where there’s a bit of free space. Another trick? Go vertical! Add closet storage that goes up to the ceiling to take advantage of every square inch.