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Frequently Asked Baby & Toddler Furniture Questions

Baby & Toddler Rugs by Ashley HomeStore

As your baby explores the world, give them something cozy for their knees to crawl on and their feet to walk on once they learn. We have a variety of baby rugs that are sure to add a pop of color to the nursery. Whether you place it by a toddler chair as they grow or keep it around the crib, you’re going to love how a rug can instantly dress up the room (whether it’s tidy or not that day).

What is the Best Rug Material for a Nursery?

For baby room rugs, you’ll want to find the balance between softness and durability to withstand lots of foot traffic – as you’ll be coming and leaving this room frequently. Finding that perfect middle ground that meshes with your baby & toddler decor can mean a fun pattern or sticking to a softer color palette. The great thing is, it’s all up to what your theme is! For baby boy nursery rugs you can go with a subtle pattern or a brighter color scheme. Whatever you choose, baby will love.

What Size Rug is Best for a Nursery?

This honestly depends on the size of your nursery and the furniture inside of it. To accompany a glider, a round rug that fits snugly around the entire chair works well, but a larger rug could be better to cover your crib or the center of the room for tummy time. With nursery rugs, there aren’t any rules – only style and ensuring no one will trip. For more inspiration on nursery decorating, check out these 10 Nursery Decorating Ideas for ways you can use rugs in baby’s space.

What is the Best Rug Shape for a Small Nursery?

When space is limited, you’ll want to find baby nursery rugs that don’t overwhelm your space. For example, concerning a baby girl nursery rug, consider a soft hue with texture by the crib or in the center of the room to make everything around it appear larger. It’s all about taking what you have and maximizing its functionality and style.