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Frequently Asked Cribs Questions

Cribs by Ashley
A crib is one of the most important things for your nursery in preparation for your little one. Ensure baby sleeps safe and sound in theirs – shop our wide selection of baby cribs and crib mattresses for their best night’s rest. There are many finishes and styles available, so no matter what nursery theme you choose, you’ll find the right look and safety standards perfect for baby while they grow and learn about the world.

What Crib is Best for Small Spaces?
While there are smaller size cribs available, you’re limited on finding the proper crib bedding and mattresses since they aren’t as common. Depending on the shape of your space, you’ll want to use a rectangular crib in case you want to push it against the wall to conserve floor space elsewhere. If you’re worried about the proper crib to buy, our Crib Buying Guide provides comprehensive safety information, so you can take the time to find the best crib that fits your space and peace of mind.

What Material is Best for a Crib?
Durable materials such as wood and metal with non-toxic finishes are going to be best for the construction of your baby’s crib. Finished with light, natural and dark wood and even traditional metal looks, it’s perfect for baby girl cribs and even gender neutral nurseries. It’s the ideal base so you can build upon the theme with baby & toddler decor such as wall art and lighting for a fun space full of personality. .

What is the Standard Crib Size?
There are many federal regulations in place to make sure baby furniture is made safely and up to standards. All full-size cribs are required to be at least 27 and ¼ inches in width by 51 and ¼ inches in length, with a 6 inch maximum thickness by the Consumer Products Safety Commission. This standardization helps ensure your baby is safe and doesn’t get twisted in oversized sheets or slip in between the mattress and the crib.