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Frequently Asked Boys Bedroom Furniture Questions

Boys Bedroom Furniture by Ashley
Furnishing a boy’s bedroom can be a challenge. But with premium designs and materials, Ashley makes it easy to find the perfect pieces that suit your home, your son and his unique style personality. From sturdy kids bedroom furniture sets for boys to storage to cozy rugs, you won’t find a selection of boys bedroom furniture that compares in price and quality.

What Colors are Best for a Boy's Bedroom?
Depending on your son’s unique sensibilities and aesthetic, there are countless of boys bedroom colors to choose from. If you want to stick to a conventional palette, blues are a great way to add dimension without going overboard. Navy and light blues can be juxtaposed on bedding, curtains, decor, and boys room furniture to create a cohesive look. More eclectic rooms can feature bright pops of red, yellow, green and orange to add a vibrant, energetic feel. Grown-up and mature rooms stick to neutrals like cream, gray, black and white.

How to Decorate a Boy's Bedroom?
Decorating a boys room doesn’t have to be a feat – just view it as another room in your home and think about the accents you would normally use to add personality. Accents like wall art, picture frames, throw pillows, storage canisters and drapes all work within a boy’s bedroom. Simply choose patterns and styles that he finds inspiring and exciting.

Different Boys' Bedroom Styles?
There are a wide variety of bedroom styles for boys. Athletic boys rooms generally feature sports bedroom decor in red, blue and yellow color palettes. While nautical rooms have a wide variety of blues hues with pops of red. Ship sculptures and ship wheels add a seafaring element that makes these rooms truly sparkle. Whimsical and eclectic styled rooms will feature a variety of colors, textiles and decor that are combined based on your son’s unique tastes and preferences. Rustic rooms will feature quilts over comforters and showcase a variety of earth tones and wood furniture. Need some inspiration? Check out this guide on how to create a boho boys room.