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Frequently Asked Kids Lighting Questions

Kids’ Lighting by Ashley HomeStore
From the whimsical to the practical, Ashley HomeStore carries the perfect kids’ lighting to help your child read, play, and learn. We have kids room lights in a variety of bright and cheery designs that will match your kids’s room furniture and decor, all durably designed to last years to come. 

What Kids' Table Lamps are Most Durable?
Most people have accidentally knocked over a table lamp at some point in their lives, which is why this is one of the most common kids room lights questions. To reduce the chance of your child’s table lamp breaking if it falls, select a durable kids’ lamp made from metal, sturdy resin, or crystal. These materials are highly durable and shatter resistant.

Best Places for Light Fixtures in a Kid's Room
If you need to update your child’s lighting, there are several areas where you can add kids’ room lights to make their room sparkle and shine. A children’s table lamp is a great all-around choice for most kids’ room surfaces. From the dresser to a kid’s nightstand to a desk, these pieces are a great way to add both a functional and stylish element to a room. A kids’ floor lamp is perfect for older children who want to create a mature space that will grow with them into their teen years. Floor lamps are also great for baby rooms since they offer a warmer light reminiscent of a kids room night light. Need tips on how to add decor to your kid’s room? Read this guide.

How to Match Kids' Light Fixtures to the Rest of the Room
Light fixtures don’t necessarily need to match a room’s decor; however, they should pair with the overall interior design style of the space. For example, if you have a pink princess-themed room, you might like a pretty gold light fixture that color coordinates. The key to creating a cohesive room is picking out elements from furniture, decor, and textiles that you want to repeat in other items. These motifs could be color, material, fabric, pattern, and texture. The easiest way to pick lamps that balance well with rooms is by choosing lamps with neutral lamp shades or colorful lampshades that are similar to colors used in the room.