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Frequently Asked Kids Throw Pillows Questions

Kids Throw Pillows by Ashley Furniture HomeStore
What’s the simplest way to make a room feel cozy and homey? Throw pillows. These patterned and colorful accents can transform a space from drab to fab within seconds, bringing life and warmth into a space. Ashley HomeStore knows it’s the little touches that make a big impact. That’s why we have an impressive assortment of kids throw pillows and textiles, including quilts and kids bedding in every style, shape and pattern that you could ever want!

What Type of Throw Pillow is Best for My Child's Room?
Depending on your lifestyle there are a number of textiles and fabrics that you can choose for your home. When choosing kids pillows, you have to make sure they are washable or can be spot-cleaned. Doing so ensures that you’re never stuck in a sticky or messy situation, and your money is well spent. If you are vegan or environmentally conscious, search for cushions made with natural fibers like cotton, linen, ramie or hemp. If durability and wear are important to you, search for man-made fibers like nylon and polyester. These kids throw pillows will be able to withstand years of tough messes and washes, making them perfect for small kids.

How to Match Decorative Pillows to My Child's Room Style?
Creating a cohesive space is the main goal when decorating, but matching kids decorative pillows with other textiles can prove to be a blundering task. Much like putting together an outfit, the best way to make throw pillows and kids comforters look like a set is by picking out a color theme. Grab your pillow, or blanket, and look for an overarching color that you can work with. Let’s say you have a cream cushion with a colorful butterfly print, you can choose to find a matching blanket in either a cream color or one of the hues in the print. Whether you have a patterned pillow or a patterned throw blanket, following this technique is a fail-safe way to ensure that your textiles look harmonious and balanced. Want to see how to make over your kid’s room? Check out this blog.

How to Wash Throw Pillows?
Whether you’re dealing with a kids animal pillow or one that that has a nautical print, washing throw pillows can be a mixed bag. Due to new textiles and technologies, these days kids throw pillows are made with an antimicrobial polyester cover that lets you wash pillows less and prevents kids from getting sick. While some cushions let you unzip the cover and throw it all in the wash, many throw pillows are spot-clean only. With a clean cloth dab the soiled area to remove excess moisture. With the other cloth test a gentle fabric cleaner on a small area and keep your eyes peeled for color-fastness. If the cleaner isn’t causing a reaction to the fabric, you’re free to gently pat the stain to penetrate the soap deep into the fibers. With a dry cloth pat the excess moisture from the cleaner and wait to dry. With this handy tip you never have to wonder how to wash polyester throw pillows ever again – plus, you can use this spot-cleaning method on all hard to clean textiles and pieces.