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Best Bedroom Seating for Kids

Kids may run around seemingly nonstop, but eventually, they crash. When they do, make sure they have somewhere comfortable to chill with children’s seating. Lounge seating for kids is designed specifically for their smaller bodies, meaning they won’t have to pretend they’re climbing a mountain to get on the sofa. Instead, these smaller chairs are low to the ground and offer just the right amount of back support, so they can hop right in without a problem.

Most Comfortable Types of Kids' Chairs

Probably the most comfortable type of child’s chair is one that’s crafted with sturdy materials and soft upholstery. You’re in luck, as all of the options from Ashley fit this bill. Many come crafted out of soft polyester in bright and colorful styles your kid will love. Polyester is also easy to clean with soap and water if they have spills or accidents.

Fluffy beanbags or foam chairs are also really comfortable and great for collapsing into. These feature oversized padding and a furry fabric that is easy to snuggle up to. They work great as kids’ bedroom seating, as little ones can curl up reading a book before bed – just add some kids’ lighting to help them illuminate pages.

For kids who love gaming, flip-out sofas are an excellent pick. These transform from a mini-couch into a mini-bed with the flip of a few cushions. It’s simple to go from battling in Fortnite to taking a nap, all without getting up.

Styles of Chairs for Kids

important, too. You have plenty of kids’ seating furniture to choose from, including mini accent chairs. These armchair-style chairs come with armrests, high backs, and a seat cushion to mimic the feel of the grown-up’s bigger chairs.

For bigger kids who might need more space to lounge and do homework, small futons or couches are ideal. These work great as bedroom chairs for tweens who invite friends over. Many of these options are quite modern.

Many kids love working on crafts and other projects. For these kids, activity chairs are an excellent choice. These are often sturdier than an armchair or futon, as they’re meant for sitting upright at a kids’ desk or table. Kids can use these for practicing writing, painting a portrait, or even having a tea party.