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Frequently Asked Kids Playroom Questions

Kids Playroom by Ashley
Furnishing a kid’s playroom can be a challenge. But with premium designs and materials, Ashley makes it easy to find the perfect pieces that suit your home, your child and their unique style personality. From sturdy chests of drawers to lighting to cozy kids rugs, you won’t find a selection of playroom furniture that compares in price and quality.

How to Organize a Playroom
When de-cluttering and furnishing a playroom, storage is paramount. First, you should always take advantage of vertical space. Adding storage shelves for books and toys is a great way to tuck items away and control what items your child can reach. Toy boxes, cubbies and dressers are great when you want to keep toys nearby but still want to de-clutter rooms. Storage day beds are a great two-in-one option, since they’re perfect for sleeping and storing bedding, linens, books and other items. Adding baskets is also a great way to create a more organized space while ensuring that your child has access to their essential items.

How to Decorate a Kid's Playroom?
Decorating a kid’s playroom is a great way to exercise your imagination while involving your children in a fun activity. If your child is old enough to help, let him or her choose color palettes, rugs and kids playroom furniture that appeals to them. Choose soft textiles full of vibrant colors that are machine washable or are easy to clean. A few colorful, patterned throw pillows can go a long way by adding life and individuality to chairs and seating areas. Use your child’s favorite characters and animals on canvas wall art to personalize spaces. Use this opportunity to showcase different facets of your child’s passions and interests to create a one-of-a-kind space that truly reflects who they are. If you need tips on how to design a kid-friendly living space, read this blog from our experts.

What are the Playroom Necessities?
The playroom is the place where kids can run free and let loose. But when decorating this room, you have to have a couple of key pieces. First, every playroom needs a set of tables and chairs. This essential lets kids have an area for arts and crafts projects and even run science experiments. If you have a younger child, a kids step stool is super important since it allows them to easily grab items. Plus, these stools also serve as storage and decor for toys. If you have an older child, a desk is a great addition to the playroom since it blocks out a specific area for homework and other activities.