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Frequently Asked Kids Headboards Questions

Kids Headboards by Ashley
Furnishing a kid’s bedroom can be a challenge. But with premium designs and materials, Ashley makes it easy to find the perfect pieces that suit your home, your child and their unique style personality. From sturdy kids headboards to lofted bunk beds to cozy kids rugs, you won’t find a selection of kids furniture that compares in price and quality.

Are Upholstered Headboards Still in Style? (Kids' Headboard Styles)
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Upholstered headboards are a true classic that are always in style. While these styles are staples in master and guest bedrooms, upholstered kids headboards are the perfect way to add a curated feel to a kid’s bedroom. This style is perfect for preteens, tweens and teenagers who are craving a more grown-up and mature insta-worthy space. If your child isn’t a fan of the upholstered look, kids metal headboards are a great option to add a modern yet traditional flair to their bed. Want to get inspired? Check out this exciting blog.

Benefits of a Having a Headboard?
Headboards aren’t just focal points in a room – they actually serve important purposes. Headboards protect your walls from scuffs and scratches, ensuring that your paint doesn’t come into contact with the edges of your bed or your head. If your headboard has shelves or cubbies, they also act as storage; something we all need more of. And lastly, if you find yourself sitting up to read a book or surfing the Internet on a device, a padded headboard can actually provide lumbar support.

How are Headboards Measured?
Measuring for a headboard is equal parts art and science. When buying a separate headboard, you should measure your mattress to get an exact size. But if you want a more oversized feel to balance fluffy pillows and bedding, look for a headboard width that’s a few inches wider than your actual mattress size. Let’s say you’re shopping for twin headboards. Generally, these mattresses are 38 inches wide but most retailers sell headboards for this size at around 40 to 44 inches. But don’t fret, a wider headboard will still look chic and give you enough space to add nightstands to either side of the bed. Height is where the art comes in. There are no true standards for headboard heights since people crave smaller or larger headboards depending on the size of their room or the feel that they’re designing for. Whatever your child needs, Ashley has the perfect headboard to add life to their room.