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Plant Stands by Ashley

Highlight your green friends by displaying them on plant stands. Whether you need a plant stand for your indoor pothos or a plant stand for your outdoor petunias, Ashley has it all. Help make your home a plant sanctuary with aesthetically pleasing greenery in every corner.

Learn the Range of Plant Stand Sizes

Here at Ashley, our plant stands fall into small, medium, and large categories. Small plant stands are typically one-tier and range anywhere from 2 to 3 feet tall. They're best when you just have one small plant you want as an accent on dining room tables or bookcases. Medium plant stands might be two-tier or have legs that make them taller. These are typically 3 to 4 feet tall. However, height isn't the most important factor — generally, the fact that a medium plant stand can hold multiple plants is key.

Finally, a large plant stand is the tallest. A tall plant stand can be three or four tiers and can be as high as 5 feet tall. These are best when you have a ton of plants you want to accessorize with. Place these next to your couch to help you relax while watching TV or use it as outside decor to give your space instant vibrancy.

Discover Plant Stand Trends

Right now, hanging plant stands are all the rage. These can be displayed above your kitchen island for a green touch or against a drab wall that requires some brightness. If you choose an outdoor hanging plant stand, place it along your fence to enhance your garden and add other vibrant garden decor to extenuate your space.

Another popular trend is the multi-tier plant stand. Rather than just letting you display one or two plants, these act as giant fixtures for displaying an entire wall of plants. These can go great in a corner next to your sofa or even in an empty wall in your dining room to keep things fresh.

Transform Your Interior with Indoor Plant Stands

No matter what your decor, a wooden plant stand will likely match everything. These are neutral and can blend well with contemporary and modern decor. That said, if you buy a wooden plant stand and don't like how it looks, you can always turn it into a DIY plant stand by painting the legs a different color.

A lot of people don't have space for large plant stands, which is where a corner plant stand can come in handy. These fit snugly into tight spaces and stack plants vertically to maximize display room in tight bathrooms or bedrooms.

In some cases, the stand itself can be an accent piece. For example, many modern plant stands have an asymmetrical construction and long, angular legs that look more like a work of art than something to hold your plants.

Whatever style of plant stand you're looking for, Ashley can help!