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Garden Fountains by Ashley

Transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis with garden fountains from Ashley. Your ordinary lawn will become a paradise fit for royalty, with a gurgling fountain providing a serene backdrop. Whether you're seeking a Zen garden fountain to improve your feng shui or a solar garden fountain that won't require electricity to operate, we've got you covered.

Discover Gardening Fountain Styles & Ideas

The cool thing about outdoor garden fountains is that they come in many different styles. Small garden fountains are perfect if you have a backyard on the smaller side. Place them in a corner of your patio or porch for relaxing water sounds. You may even be able to tuck a small rock garden fountain into your mulch next to some of your plants for seamless integration that looks and feels like a natural feature.

If you have more room to play with, try a large garden fountain! These are more of a centerpiece and should go in an attention-grabbing spot in your yard, like next to your garden or by your outdoor dining chairs.

For the truly adventurous looking for a fountain that's all their own, you try creating your own DIY garden fountain. Choose some rustic outdoor decor that will hold water, like a pot or garden statue with a bowl, then drill some holes for the water to flow. You'll have a beautiful fountain that will make your friends jealous.

Decorate Your Garden with Timeless Garden Fountains

Stone garden fountains never go out of style, as they mimic the natural vibe of a stream gurgling through mountainous terrain. Plus, they go with nearly all types of decor since they're so earthy. Place them among flowers or next to rose bushes to make it feel like you're the star of your own fairy tale.

If longevity is your primary concern with a new fountain, choose a concrete garden fountain. These are made to last and can stand up to elements like sun and rain without a problem. They're also not likely to tip over by accident, making them a good choice for sticking in the center of your garden.

What Looks Good with Gardening Fountains

Accent your new modern garden fountain with a base of marble rock or river rock. This helps it looks classy and provides a nice separation from the rest of your yard. If you have your fountain on a deck, try a vibrant outdoor rug underneath it instead.

Naturally, plants also look good paired with gardening fountains. If you're planting at the fountain's base, choose variants like strawberries, cardinal flowers, elephant ears, or mother-in-law's tongue that don't grow super tall but still provide a lush touch.