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Outdoor Bar Furniture Sets by Ashley

You've set up the tiki lights, mastered your mai tai recipe, and invited over all your friends. All that's left is to snag the perfect outdoor bar set from Ashley. Create an outdoor bar that's good for enjoying a quiet cocktail at the end of a long day or partying ‘til the wee hours of the night with Ashley's versatile options.

What to Buy for an Outdoor Bar

When creating an outdoor bar, focus on two main things: finding a good table for serving drinks and getting enough chairs for everyone to sit comfortably. What separates patio bar furniture from other outdoor furniture is that it's usually taller. Both tables and chairs are generally high enough to allow guests to sit or stand, depending on their mood.

The higher height means stools are a common choice for outdoor bar furniture. Contemporary outdoor bar stools with a matching table are good for most modern homes, but for a more traditional feel, go for wood outdoor bar stools. As for what material to choose for your table, an outdoor wicker bar is often the most resilient to spills and rowdy guests.

After you've decided on style and materials, next you'll need to decide how many chairs you'll need. Two is an appropriate amount if you usually just hang with your partner. But if you're a fan of throwing parties, you'll need anywhere from four to eight chairs.

After you've finished setting up the bar itself, don't forget about the accessories. You'll need plenty of outdoor drinkware to accommodate all different types of drinks. For example, champagne flutes are a must for celebrations, while you'll need copper mugs when crafting Moscow mules.

Having a rug to protect your floor from spills is also crucial. The good news is that outdoor rugs are built to be weather-resistant, so accidentally bumping your half-consumed beer off the table shouldn't be an issue.

Modern Outdoor Bar Ideas

Wondering how to make your outdoor bar furniture set have a more modern vibe? One idea is to line your bar with modern pendant lighting. This creates a soft cascade of downward light that keeps everyone illuminated after the sun sets. Place your outdoor bar furniture under a gazebo and line the supports with outdoor filament string lights for a truly decadent space. Then, hang gauzy curtains down, so it feels like you're in a tropical oasis, not just your backyard. Don't worry - Ashley has you covered with all of the modern outdoor decor you'll need to complete this look.