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Frequently Asked Outdoor Sectional Questions

Where Can I Buy Outdoor Sectionals?

If you're looking to buy quality outdoor sectional furniture, Ashley is here to help. We offer a wide range of outdoor sectionals to fit every need. For larger, more open patio spaces, a five- or six-piece outdoor sectional couch provides comfortable seating for the whole family. If your area is on the smaller side, you can get a smaller outdoor patio sectional that still fits three or four people. For the ultimate cozy vibe, try an outdoor sectional with a fire pit. Toast marshmallows to your heart's delight, all without leaving your comfortable oasis.

One additional tip for finding the right sectional for your space - make sure you measure. Even if a sectional looks like it will fit, check the dimensions of your space just to be sure.

What Are the Most Comfortable Outdoor Sectionals?

The most comfortable outdoor sectional sofa is whatever one you're sitting in! Luckily, you can't go wrong with the options we offer. All of our sectionals come with pillows that feel soft and supportive against your back. But for a little more comfort, you can even throw on some matching patterned outdoor cushions.

In general, many people like outdoor sectionals that include armrests, as it gives them further support for their upper body. On the flip side, some people prefer sectionals without armrests, as it can make it easier to fit additional people without them feeling squished. Others may prefer a small outdoor sectional paired with an ottoman that provides more room for stretching out. If you do splurge on an ottoman, it can also double as a table when you're done lounging.

What is the Best Weather-Resistant Outdoor Furniture?

The good news - nearly all outdoor furniture can be weather resistant with well-fitting outdoor furniture covers. That said, there are a few materials that hold up to rain, snow, sun, and wind a little better than others. In particular outdoor wicker sectional options are noted for their durability in all conditions. In the past, wicker was made of plant materials, but in a modern outdoor sectional, it's typically made of resin for added longevity.

If you'd prefer a more traditional look, you can also go for a wood outdoor sectional. These are typically heavier - meaning they might stand up better to intense storms without blowing away or falling over. Plus, the wood will come treated for an extra layer of protection against even the most intense bouts of weather.