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Frequently Asked Bed Pillows Questions

Bed Pillows From Ashley
A great night’s sleep starts with your bed pillows. This foundation can make or break how you sleep and how relaxed your body is the next day. If you’re suffering from neck pain or spinal issues, a good pillow can help you get the comfort you need. From a memory foam pillow to down pillows, Ashley has the pillow you need to rest easy.

How to Arrange Pillows on a Bed
When it comes to throw pillows and pillow arrangements, there’s no one way to do it right. However, here are three ways that you can spice up your bedroom pillow arrangement. The first style is to lay two standard pillows on top of your comforter set at the head of the mattress. Then you rest two more standard pillows on top to create a 2x2 column. This is the most practical and ubiquitous way to arrange your bed. If you want to spice it up, you can place euro-style accent pillows on each side of the column to introduce a pattern or chic fabric into the mix. A common way to arrange pillows is to use larger euro sham pillows. To incorporate this to your bed, you can place two euro pillows against the headboard, following with your two standard pillows. You can then top this arrangement with a lumbar pillow at the center. Since there are many ways to arrange the bed, always search for inspiration to find the just-right style that works for you. You can also learn more with this guide.

Down vs. Memory Foam Pillows
Down and memory pillows are like night and day. Down pillows are made with feathers and the soft down from birds, giving them a distinct weight and softness when you lay your head down. Unlike memory foam, down pillows do not contour to the shape of your body, rather they fill and fluff up like a cloud to support your shape. Memory foam pillows were designed specifically to support the body and cradle the neck and spine, making them perfect for people with back pain and sleep issues.

How to Wash Pillows
Unlike sheets, quilts and throw blankets, you can’t just simply throw your pillow into the washing machine. Depending on the type of pillow you have, take extra precautions when cleaning. You might even be wondering, “can you wash memory foam pillows?” The good news is “yes.” First look to see what kind of pillow you have. If it’s a down, synthetic-filled or cotton-filled pillow, then you’re safe to put it into the wash. Make sure to use mild detergent and dry balls in the dryer to fluff the pillow back into shape. If your pillow is made of memory foam, then you will have to hand wash. Most memory foam pillows have a removable zip cover that can be thrown with other laundry. But if you have a deep stain or spilled something into the foam, you will need to hand wash. Fill a bucket, tub or sink with warm water and a mild detergent. Then toss your pillow in and massage until all the dirt and grime is out. Follow with a deep rinse and let the pillow air-dry. Make sure all the water is gone before covering and sleeping on it!