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  Blanks and Throws
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Frequently Asked Bedding Questions

Bedding by Ashley
Get ready to get cozy with bedding from Ashley! From farmhouse bedding to boho bedding to coastal bedding, we have the style and quality you need to create the comfortable bedding setup you deserve. Read on to learn more about Ashley’s beautiful bedding options.

What is Bedding?
Bedding is also known as bedclothes or bed linens, and includes the materials laid atop a mattress for comfort, hygiene, and decoration. Common bedding you will see are sheet sets, comforter sets, and pillowcases. Twin bedding sets, twin XL bedding sets, queen bedding sets and king bedding sets are the most common bedding sizes. Bedding is also available in a variety of colors such as pink bedding and blue bedding. Multiple bedding sets are often washed in a rotation and changed out by season to enhance sleep comfort.

How Many Bedding Sets Do I Need?
Whether you have a standard bed, futon, or daybed, bedding is key to your sleeping comfort. Three sets per person is generally considered to be the magic number of sheets for each household. This way you can have one on the bed, one in the linen closet, and one in the laundry or washing machine. If you’re extremely organized with your laundry you might even be able to get away with having just two sets. But we suggest you get three or more sheet sets and have fun mixing up your colors! Cycle through white bedding, green bedding, grey bedding, black bedding and more to suit your style and mood.

Where Can I Buy Affordable, High-Quality Bedding?
Whether you’re into sleek, modern bedding or rustic bedding is more your style, Ashley carries affordable, durable, and high-quality bedding. Whether you’re looking for bedding sets for yourself or need a new kids bedding set. Check out our huge variety of styles, thread counts, and colors to ensure you’re getting the comfiest, coziest sleep!