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Frequently Asked Mattress in a Box Questions

Mattress in a Box by Ashley
With a range of sizes and types, a Mattress in a Box from Ashley is the perfect bed if you want undisturbed sleep and peace of mind. Our beds are made with a variety of materials to give you exceptional comfort and support, ensuring that your body is cradled without sinking. Rest easy knowing that you’ll find the mattress of your dreams.

What is a Mattress in a Box?
A Mattress in a Box is generally a mattress that has been pressed, vacuum sealed and rolled into a long box. These mattresses are incredibly convenient since they come in a range of styles and are delivered right to your door, so you never have to set foot inside a mattress store. Also, assembly is incredibly easy so there’s no need for extra assembly fees. These beds are a perfect low-maintenance, affordable mattress option for people who crave comfort and peace of mind. Ashley goes above and beyond the regular standard by even offering bases, bed frames and headboards with their mattress in a box offerings, so you can furnish your bedroom in a pinch.

Do I Need a Box Spring for a Mattress in a Box?
As a good rule, you should always defer to the manufacturer’s guidelines on what type of foundation or base is recommended for the make and model of your mattress. Because of constant sleep innovation, today’s mattresses are made to be used on a number of bases such as box springs, box foundations, adjustable foundations, platform beds, slatted bases and even the floor. However, box springs were made for double-sided mattresses that needed to be flipped to create even wear. Make sure you read your memory foam mattress in a box instructions since many are one-sided or are no-flip — and while it can still be used on a box spring, you can lay it on any hard, flat surface that is supportive and sturdy enough to hold it.

How Much Time Does a Mattress in a Box Need to Fully Expand?
A mattress that has been vacuum-sealed can be dressed with sheets and bed pillows and slept-on within a few minutes of being unrolled and opened. You won’t damage it or cause any harm. However, it might take a few hours to two days before the mattress fully decompresses and takes its final shape. After a few days, you’ll even notice that the mattress will change its density, becoming more flexible and comfortable with time. If you want to learn more about memory foam mattresses, read this helpful guide.