Funded by the California Department of Education, Early Education Support Division

  • 10 Year Overview

Families are most likely to settle in a community when basic needs are being met such as; home, school, and childcare. This stability brings revenue into the communities as families patronize local merchants and pay property taxes. Through early intervention such as our preschool and afterschool programs, at risk  students are more likely to graduate from high school. By employing staff and using local vendors, Childs-pace continues to contribute to the community’s overall revenue base.  In the last 10 years Childs-pace has generated more than $7,000,000.00 in the communities where it operates.

  • 5 Year Goals
  1. Invest in comprehensive specialized training for staff in the area of child development
  2. Upgrade computers
  3. Technology improvements for administrative functions
  4. Enhanced educational software for children
  5. Develop sustainable funding sources
  6. Invest in materials that support scientific thinking, literacy, cognitive understanding, and gross motor development
  7. Obtain funding to return to the outdoor nature camp for one week for all 124 children
  8. Fundraise to generate $120,000 per year
  • Conclusion

Childs-pace has become a significant member of the communities where it operates.  Childs-pace has helped families function and enjoy stability. As economic and social needs change so does the sensitivity of each child’s development. For the past 40 years, Childs-pace has been dedicated to the development of children and their educational explorations.

As the economic conditions of the state changes and the need for childcare increases, the demand on Childs-pace is even greater, not only financially but also logistically.